Band Bio

Little Known Letter is an exciting Alternative Rock band out of Rome, Georgia. The band was formed when college classmates, Clay Shiflett and Todd Burkhalter, decided to combine their talents, hoping for a unique and memorable sound. The attempt resulted in quite a surprise for the two of them.

Shiflett (Vocals, Bass) came from a pop punk background filled with loud, aggressive drums and heavy power chords. He formed his own style of playing and writing while being influenced by bands such as blink 182 and twenty one pilots. As he progressed in his music career he had the chance to record, write, and perform with several bands. This only broadened Shiflett’s performing ability and provided him with the advantage of a true developing experience. Joining forces with pianist Todd Burkhalter would be his first attempt at writing and performing with someone playing piano and keyboard.

Burkhalter began playing piano at the age of four and built his own creative style after being influenced by artists like Jerry Lee Lewis and Elton John. Burkhalter’s piano skills landed him a roll as a solo pianist playing gigs at restaurants, parties, and opening acts at a variety of venues. Although a composer of melodies, he lacked the partnership of a lyricist and the camaraderie of a band. Shiflett’s creative lyrical ability as well as his musical skill, opened a needed door for Burkhalter’s playing and writing style. Combining a modern pop rock sound with classic rock and soulful riffs, the two realized that they had struck gold.

Shortly after, the two were joined by “phenom” Kerry Harrell on drums. Harrell brought a fresh outlook and style to the duo that sparked new life and creativity into the band’s performance and songwriting. His experience from working with big names in the industry like RCA as well as playing on national and international tours was able to take “LKL” to the next level.

Little Known Letter’s sound can often be characterized as catchy and exciting, as well as meaningful and memorable. The music this unique band is producing reaches all types of audiences in some way. Their stage presence is unforgettable and everything but boring. The chemistry between the three is magnetic and as entertaining as it gets. A tune or lyric is guaranteed to be stuck in the heads of the crowd after witnessing a Little Known Letter show.

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