There aren’t many words that can describe how great last night was. We had an absolute blast at the “Patriotic Party at The Park” at Ridge Ferry Park in Rome, GA! Thank you so much to everyone that came out to spend their 4th with us, especially the group that stuck around for our second set! We normally don’t like to play favorites, but y’all were definitely our favorites! We also want to thank all the guys and gals at BandAid Productions for an AWESOME sound and lighting setup! They are the absolute best and we HIGHLY recommend them for any event that you could have! Shameless plug for their facebook page: facebook.com/BandAidProductions. Head over and give them a like!

Last night’s show was a great milestone for us to reflect on the last 4 and a half years of playing. It has been an awesome ride starting from jamming out in a basement with no A/C to playing shows at local restaurants like Johnny’s Pizza and Brewhouse Music & Grill to expanding to bigger stages and more places and eventually getting calls like last night to play some of the biggest events that Rome, GA has to offer. I am proud that I am from Rome and it means so much that the town I live in has embraced the music and enjoys the show that we put on!

Our sound has changed from when we first started and it is continually changing but we always keep an upbeat and fun spirit at the center of a lot of what we do. We have some things that we are working on currently and we can’t wait to roll out some of the latest songs we have been working on! Make sure and stay tuned to my website here, the facebook page, instagram (@clayshiflett), and twitter (@clayshiflett) accounts to keep up with the latest news and releases!  While you’re there, go ahead and give a “like” and a “follow”!

One thought on “HOLY COW!

  1. Hello there Clay. Was thinking about the July 4th show and found your site. After reading about your move, it conjured memories of my own travels long ago as well as many visits to Colorado( Buena Vista, Cortez, Cripple Creek, and Leadville among others. You and your wife’s leap of faith is inspiring and makes me feel a little guilty about my own stagnation and lack of action. The quote from “Shawshank Redemption” comes to mind, “Get busy livin, or get busy dyin”. I doubt you remember, but we spoke briefly at the Ridge Ferry gig while I was helping my old friend and bandmate Doug. I have recently gotten the itch after many years to get back into music, with a lot in my head…. AND my heart to exorcise, and it was watching you guys on stage that was the catalyst. I remember sitting next to Doug and his wife with some depressing feelings of times gone by when all of a sudden it occurred to me…. there’s no reason you can’t do that all again!! So, I unpacked the old Fender Jazz and ran… or rather stumbled, and tripped through a couple of old Rush songs we used to play back in the day. I felt empowered as I discovered I wasn’t as terrible as I feared. Sort of like simply getting back on my old motorcycle and working out the kinks. Why… I even still have all my old synthesizer pedals haha. Well anyway, sorry to bore you. I just thought you might like to know that you… and your wife indirectly (through your story of being modern day pioneers haha) have inspired me to get off my butt, stop feeling sorry for myself, and get back on that stage that is life…. Carpe-diem!


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